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Bicycle Kids_edited.jpg

I started my photography journey in around 2016, borrowing cameras from my friends to shoot whatever struck my fancy. For years I had been taking low-res photos on old 'digi cams' and cellphones and then editing them through obscure apps that were in their incubation phase and so were free back then.

There were no rules. It was all about experimentation and I had no fixed way of thinking. I wanted to use every tool available to create whatever the vision in my head dictated. 

Later on, after I'd been simultaneously doing digital art for a while, I became well versed with photoshop and was quickly able to edit in a way that brought out a specific character or mood to the subjects I was photographing.
Having an art background has been integral in my approach to photography.  I'm obsessed with colour, framing, geometry and light. I would like everything to look like a painting; to have a kind of natural quality that is often alien to digital photography. 

Being drawn to understanding the human experience through imagery, I have experimented with all kinds of genres ranging from street & travel photography to fashion photography.I enjoy capturing both the candid and the composed, adding in visual elements when inspired to do so. Below is a selection of some of my favourite works.

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