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Visual Art & Design

I have a deep love of illustration. I enjoy portraying a range of emotion from the introspective to the absurd. Just like an actor that draws upon their own reflections and experiences of life to best express a scene, all of my art draws upon my questions about existence, humanity, love, the cosmos and much more.

Candy from Strangers

This piece was created 2 months into a militant style lockdown in India.
There was a sort of internal hysteria going on within me at the time. A deep desire to be taken by some fantastical experience that would reignite the soul and senses through any means necessary. In retrospect I see in this visual; the sensorial cravings of sight, sound and taste that I was experiencing.

psy kid -candy from strangers.jpg
lilith-v4shading copy.png


Lilith is the wild Goddess of the scathing feminine energy appearing across mythologies.
She was the first woman in mythology that was said to have fought quite ruthlessly at injustices committed against her. Although her stories vary over cultures, she is commonly seen as a she-demon who was villainized for considering herself equal to men.
This piece was first created as a visual response to the Me Too Movement. I wanted to depict her as carrying on her Samadhi (spiritual journey) despite the grotesqueness of the forces that attempted to stop her.

The Water

This piece was an attempt to express light and shadow not just in gradations of the same colour but in different hues.
I felt it created an interesting effect.
The company I made this for were very keen on me creating something that signified the intimacy of worship. I find water to be an element that expresses deep emotionality, love and intimacy. So I knew I wanted the theme to contain this. The primordial forces of nature have majorly inspired my artistic expression.


Dreaming of Home

I tried to encapsulate in this image the feeling of being far from a place you belong and trying to reach and communicate with this place. It doesn't really feel like a place in time, rather a feeling of something known that one is seeking to know once again.

Hoolah-hoops of Saturn

A visual play on words is always fun!
This artwork is part of a series called Women and the Cosmos, of which many artworks will be included on this site.



Cosmic Climax

I was inspired by a piece made by photographic collage artist Zenef Beylor.
I consider this illustrative adaptation an homage to his inspiring work.

Somewhere over the Rainbow

In this mixed media collage I've combined photography with illustration to create a strange visual that has left most people scratching their heads! For some reason many can't explain, there is something very pleasing about the image. At the time I created this, I was interested in imagery that was absurd or unexplainable. I was trying to understand how meaning is made and what associations people bring to things that they aren't used to seeing.

alien pyramid SMALL.jpg

Ms. Chubs

In a similar vein to the above image, Ms. Chubs was yet another seemingly random / open to interpretation type of work. With no point of reference, it was fascinating to hear people project their own thought and feeling upon her.

One Page Comics

I enjoy making cheeky comics and using word play to convey absurd things!

boxing championship.jpg

Phantom Limb Syndrome

The inspiration for this came when I was reading a book by a famous neurologist Oliver Sacks many years ago. It comes from the rather morbid phenomenon of the Phantom Limb syndrome.
It is the feeling of sensations in a limb that has been removed. There may be feelings in the limb as if it were still attached to their body. This is because the brain continues to get messages from nerves that used to "feel" for the missing limb.

Fusen Gum Series

Fusen gum was the taste of my childhood.
This extremely addictive bubblegum I believe is manufactured in Japan.
Apart from having an almost unbearably fruity taste, every piece of gum came with a shocking blue and pink coloured stick on tattoo. There were all kinds of tattoos- mutants, monsters, ninjas and samurais.
All us kids loved them and could wait to imprint them on our skin.
The exact colours are used in the illustrations below to make my own Fusen Gum creations!

dalai lama fusen-04.png

More Art

astro line art n colour.jpg
earth stretched3.jpg

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Below are selected graphic design works ranging from posts for social media campaigns to logos and iconography

building rocket2-01.jpg
vinyllls-with logo.png
turmeric latte resized.png
Holy herb op1.png
Gifting for Good blue-final revised-03.png


Gifting for Good -03.jpg
Gifting for Good -01.jpg


icon charity-02.png
icon hands-03.png
icon form-05.png
icon storefront-05.png


Most artists do not like to show preliminary sketches. However, when working on a painting, digital illustration, sculpture or any final work, one must deliberate for days if not months or even years to finally complete it. Sketches on the other hand I believe, are an instantaneous response to the spark of inspiration that an artist feels in that very moment. This makes them complete works of art in and of themselves.
This is why I want to share some of them.

Bouquet of Hysterical Women


The Future in the Past






Emerge and Emergency


All About Presentation


Edgar Allen Woe


Ghost Conductor


Space Commander Waterford


The Escape


Chinese Whispers from a Man with Chinese Whiskers

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