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Digital Illustration
Graphic Design
Video editing
Colour Grading


Premiere Pro
Da Vinci Resolve

The Journey so far

My love for all things artistic, especially the visual kind, started early when at just a few years old I was drawing all over my text books and onto my desk and then onto the walls. For the Indian schooling system, this was far from ideal and I often had the short end of the stick when it came to teachers. But it was compulsive. To even learn numbers I remember imagining them as characters first.

In later years this transitioned into teaching myself digital art and illustration which I started around the age of 19.
I worked for companies such as Adhog, and Mullen Lowe Lintas. I worked independently as a freelancer for years as this enabled me to get more versatile projects. This resulted in a deeper understanding of different types of brands and their unique visual personas.

A few years later, I felt the need to expand my visual acumen and decided to pick up the camera. Borrowing equipment from various friends I began to teach myself the basics of photography. My love for the camera grew with time and I started working on everything from portrait & travel to some product photography.

About 3 years ago I found myself once again wanting to expand. My childhood creative instincts had their roots in storytelling and a real love of sharing ideas and revealing the bizarreness of life through pictures. I wanted to find a way to bring this element into what I was doing with the camera. I came to the only logical conclusion to study cinematography.

So, in the absurdly warm Mumbai autumn of September 2018 I did a year long course in the city under the guidance of some of the best working cinematographers and filmmakers India has to offer. I learnt the art of moving images and in the process could quench the thirst for storytelling that I so craved.
Unfortunately soon after my course ended, Covid hit India bad. I was able to make it out with 2 self made documentaries and some short student films in my name. Making your own films is hard and takes a lot of time, skill and patience. Going through this process I taught myself how to edit films as well.

In Jan 2021, I moved to Auckland, New Zealand where I have been working on both videography and design projects.
My focus and interest is predominantly in filmmaking. I especially love the documentary format. It combines my love of humanity and social impact with the visual and storytelling abilities that I have developed.

My feeling is that one's sense of purpose is multiplied if they can use their skill for the good of other;, to inform, to empathize and to support other beings that share this journey with us. It helps us have a more clear understanding of what it means to be human, to be compassionate and to be of service.

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